Dental off Chapel | 6 Chatham St. Prahran VIC 3181

Becky is currently on maternity leave. Becky is from the UK and graduated from the University of Leeds in 2009. Dr Becky’s interest in Dentistry started at the tender age of 14 when her own dentist helped her overcome her fears of having her first filling. Her interest in Dentistry and all things tooth related started from there! She decided she would make it her mission to give as many people as possible that great experience that she had.

After graduating, Becky completed further studies in London, including working at a specialist clinic for nervous patients (so if you’re a bit anxious Becky will put you at ease) . She also completed several restorative courses. She worked at a practice in London for several years before meeting her, now, fiancé, Adam. Adam is an Aussie and Becky didn’t take much persuading to move down-under. That was in 2013 and now Becky, Adam and their French Bulldog, Rupert, are firmly settled in Melbourne.

Becky is a skilled general practitioner providing all aspects of dental care for her patients, as well as aesthetic and functional improvements with Invisalign/ Invisalign Teen and short term orthodontics to pain management and Botox muscle relaxant injections for TMJ (jaw joint) pain. She particularly enjoys the artistic/ cosmetic aspect of dentistry and finds bonding beautiful natural looking restorations, to gently improve a smile, one of the most rewarding parts of her profession.

Outside of Dentistry, Becky absolutely loves this city we call home and tries to see, or do something new every weekend. She particularly loves to be outdoors, especially by the beach and is a bit of a foodie. Save some time for a little chat because she is always up for hearing your favorite recommendations and if you want to ask her about Rupert, her beloved “Frenchie”, she will be more than ready with photos and all!