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Meet Our Team

Dr Rebecca Dudman

Dr Rebecca Dudman

Becky is from the UK and graduated from the University of Leeds in 2009. Dr Becky’s interest in Dentistry started at the tender age of 14 when her own dentist helped her overcome her fears of having her first filling. Her interest in Dentistry and all things tooth related started from there! She decided she would make it her mission to give as many people as possible that great experience that she had.

After graduating, Becky completed further studies in London, including working at a specialist clinic for nervous patients (so if you’re a bit anxious Becky will put you at ease) . She also completed several restorative courses. She worked at a practice in London for several years before meeting her husband, Adam. Adam is an Aussie and Becky didn’t take much persuading to move down-under. That was in 2013 and now Becky, Adam and their French Bulldog, Rupert, are firmly settled in Melbourne.

Becky is a skilled general practitioner providing all aspects of dental care for her patients, as well as aesthetic and functional improvements with Invisalign/ Invisalign Teen and short term orthodontics to pain management and Botox muscle relaxant injections for TMJ (jaw joint) pain. She particularly enjoys the artistic/ cosmetic aspect of dentistry and finds bonding beautiful natural looking restorations, to gently improve a smile, one of the most rewarding parts of her profession.

Outside of Dentistry, Becky absolutely loves this city we call home and tries to see, or do something new every weekend. She particularly loves to be outdoors, especially by the beach and is a bit of a foodie. Save some time for a little chat because she is always up for hearing your favorite recommendations and if you want to ask her about Rupert, her beloved “Frenchie”, she will be more than ready with photos and all!

Dr Carol Donadio

Dr Carol Donadio

Dr Carol graduated in 2005 with a Doctor in Dental Science Degree and in 2009 completed her Post Graduation degree in Prosthodontics. She completed both her graduate and post- graduate in Sao Paulo, her home city in Brazil and is certified to practice in Australia as a General Dentist by the Australian Dental Council

Together with her husband, Carol moved to Melbourne in 2011. She instantly fell in love with Melbourne and has called it home since.

Carol has a holistic approach when treating her patients, caring for their well-being as the first most important consideration when treatment planning. She loves educating patients and offering them a multidisciplinary treatment to help them achieve not only a confident smile, but also improve their general well-being.

Her main areas of interest are full mouth rehabilitation, occlusion (achieving a harmonious bite) and cosmetic dentistry. This combination enables her to provide to her patients the beauty of ceramic crowns, onlays and veneers, while never forgetting the function and importance of the mechanism of the bite, chewing muscles  and jaw joint function and equilibrium.

Most recently, Carol became a member of DSD (Digital Smile Design) and proudly delivers  the  cosmetic results patients have dreamed of, with carefully and precisely planned, multidisciplinary treatments to help patients achieve aesthetic  harmony between their new smile and  overall  facial appearance .

Carol always loved exercising and since moving to Australia, she practises yoga and meditation as part of adopting a very mindful way of living, caring more for herself and those around her. She loves to spend her free time with her husband and 2 young sons outdoors, especially at the beach.

Dr Frances Shearer

Dr Frances Shearer

After graduating from University of Adelaide in 2010, Dr Frances went on to work in private practice in Adelaide for a number of years before relocating to Melbourne to pursue post graduate studies in prosthodontics at Melbourne University. Frances then continued on to work at several regional and CBD practices in Victoria, before joining our team to be in an environment consistent with her “patient first” ethic.

Frances is passionate about creating a positive patient experience through her warm and gentle nature whilst providing the highest standard of dental care.
Frances’ special interests lie in enabling people to smile confidently, whether through smile makeovers or rehabilitating broken down, worn or discoloured teeth. She delivers quality results through careful planning and treatment.
She has a passion for knowledge and furthering her skills and is currently learning more about digital smile design and digital dentistry in general.

Frances loves spending time with her young family, exploring the outdoors, running regularly and enjoying the art and cultural delights Melbourne has to offer.

Dr Leo Goh

Dr Leo Goh

Dr Leo Goh graduated from Melbourne University and since then has completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Orthodontic and Dentofacial Orthopedics through the City of London Dental School under the guidance of world-renowned orthodontist and Dr Goh’s mentor, Dr Derek Mahony. In 2020, Dr Goh will be embarking as clinical instructor for the EODO 3-year mini residency program in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopaedics in Australia.

Dr Goh’s interests and passion lie in practicing holistic dentistry by aiming to find the cause of a problem and not just treating the symptom. With his expertise in early detection and use of cutting-edge technology, many problems can be arrested or reversed during their early stages. Dr Goh uses removable, fixed and myofunctional appliances combined with braces or Invisalign clear aligners to create healthy and beautiful smiles.

Dr Goh helps patients successfully manage complex issues relating to:

  • Dentofacial aesthetics;
  • Non-extraction orthodontics;
  • Growth guiding and early Interceptive orthodontics;
  • Airway focused orthodontics;
  • Teeth/jaw/skeletal misalignment;
  • TMD/TMJdisorders;
  • Headaches, orofacial pain.
 Outside of Dentistry, he enjoys Calisthenics and spending time with his wife, baby boy, cat and dog.

Our Dentists are supported by a fantastic and dedicated team. Shauna, Dan, Dominique and Darryl are our client focused, friendly dental assistants who will provide you with the best possible care.