Dental off Chapel | 6 Chatham St. Prahran VIC 3181

Dental Off Chapel Philosophy

Prevention of dental disease is a very important aspect of your care at Dental off Chapel. The two most common dental diseases are caries (decay) and periodontal (gum) disease. Some of the strategies we suggest are:

Regular Check-ups
Early detection of decay and gum diseases means simpler and less extensive treatment. The progress of these problems can be halted and hopefully reversed.

We will provide you with information to help you understand your oral health better, and ways to maintain health and prevent disease. We will spend time showing you how to care for your teeth with oral hygiene techniques tailored to you. Diet is also very important as a factor in both decay and tooth erosion. We will discuss your diet and suggest possible modifications that may be useful.

The application of fluoride in the surgery, and recommendations of appropriate re-mineralising products to use at home, will help to combat decay and erosion.

The judicious use of x-rays is an important part of the diagnostic process and helps detect problems early.

Fissure Sealants
These are thin coatings that fill the grooves in molars (back) teeth, and help protect them from plaque and acids. This reduces the likelihood of decay in these teeth.

These prevent injury of teeth and jaws when playing sport. At Dental off Chapel we strongly encourage children and adults playing contact sports to wear a mouthguard.